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And they just barely manage to get away with it before a tip from some over-eager teens brings the police to the site.

But the cops don’t have any evidence, and since Blair’s the only one who saw anything, they’re forced to let them go.

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The Knicks reverted to their style of play from a year ago, Kobe Bryant scored the most points ever by a visiting player, Spike Lee grumbled and Ed Westwick was seen (spotted, we tell you) making kissy-face with Jessica Szohr per Celebuzz. Jessica Szohr plays Vanessa "Other Side Of The Tracks" Abrams on television's 's lothario, svengali prince Chuck Bass.But it sort of feels like a spoiler or door-closing for future episodes.At one point, the Brooklyn-tastic Jessica had an angle on Chuck Bass's heart of cold and there was an inkling that something could, possibly happen there (though acquisition of her fancy was part of a wager by warm-and-cool ice queen Blair Waldorf).This is not the first time that Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr have been spotted together.

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Back in December '08, the 2 were seen sharing personal space in a Texas airport (our guess is Hobby but it may have been Bush Intercontinental or DFW). The couple, to our knowledge, did not deny a rendezvous took place but most of us pushed it to the back of our minds as people from two totally different places could never, ever make it in an uptight, class-conscious world like ours.Ultimately, they were from worlds that were too different and Chuck Bass's reputation for loathsome activity preceded him.