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13-Oct-2016 20:35

A woman has spoken of her secret marriage to a holy man and said the actions of some of these men are being swept under the carpet within the British Asian community.

The woman has said she was the fourth wife of the man who used the Islamic marriage only to satiate his physical appetite.

She has made allegations that she would meet him in a car park and when she looked to expose his actions she was threatened by some of his followers.

He later divorced her via a Whats App message after a ten-month Islamic marriage.

She was in trousers with braces over a completely naked upper half.’ Take a moment to process that.

At an event designed for people to practice with a camera, it was deemed appropriate to bring something out for them to photograph. A company, a well respected, well-established company, thought that the best thing from a group of men to practice their cameras with would be a half naked woman. So how did a room full of people react to this situation?

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The trespasser had already opened the gate and entered when Bart Yancey yelled to him.

Photographer Danny North attended an event this week, for the latest Fuji camera, the GFX 50.

He told uk: ‘I was there with a genuine interest in buying one, but it’s not a cheap system, and being the first of its kind from Fuji, I wanted to try it out before committing to it.

The woman, who still fears for her safety, did not wish to be named but wanted to raise the issue in the hope it would help other women trapped in such situations to come forward.

She said she was, alongside her parents, an ardent murid (a follower, also translated as committed one) of this peer for many years. Justifying requests to see pictures She claims she had been in contact with him on Whats App to ask for advice and duas (prayers).The ordeal, however, was caught on their home security video and later posted to Facebook as a warning to neighbors and others.